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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar on Saturday condemned the incident of violence that took place in the Srinagar central jail the other day saying that a time-bound inquiry should be initiated into the matter.

Party general secretary while condemning the use of excessive forces against the prisoners said, “Now we have a situation wherein the prisoners are not safe in jails. I strongly condemn the use of force against the prisoners, I also urge the incumbent governor administration to ensure the best of medical treatment to the injured prisoners. The incident should be thoroughly investigated upon and facts should be brought before people.”

Meanwhile, party General Secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar kicked off a door to door campaign in Khanyar constituency. Sagar while interacting with people asked them to vote and support Party President Dr Farooq, who is contesting from Srinagar Parliamentary seat.

While addressing people at various places, he said, “What good was achieved during the Omar Abdullah led government was put into an abyss by the former BJP-PDP coalition. Srinagar city particularly had fell of the development radar of the government since PDP-BJP joined hands.

Sagar in a stinging attack on PDP said, “Instead of delivering on promises made by PDP leadership during the campaign of 2014 elections, they aggravated the situation that will take years to restore.  It was for the first time in history that a government blinded and maimed its own people. We never have seen such an occurrence anywhere else in the world.  Not just that, as if the thirst of their tyranny was quenched by blinding and killing people; their reign saw unremitting attacks on the honor of our sisters and mother in the form of braid chopping,” he said.

“Mehbooba Mufti these days is now trying to exonerate herself by saying that joining hands with PDP proved poisonous for the party.  However, in reality, she poisoned the state and opened the gates to such forces as are inimical to the identity and integrity of the state. Mufti Syed betrayed the mandate of people by hobnobbing with RSS-BJP. People had reposed their faith in him but what followed was a colossal betrayal of that trust. The embrace of Mufti’s and BJP-RSS plunged the state into chaos and melancholy,” he said.

Party General Secretary while interacting with people said, “This time the situation is like that of 1977. It is the National Conference pitched against all the forces as are inimical to our special status. In the forthcoming elections, we should make it a point to trounce all those forces as are bent to destroy our unique constitutional position.”


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