Central Jail Srinagar turned into interrogation camp, says Jama’at


Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu & Kashmir on Thursday said that after the escape of a prisoner Naveed Jatt alias Abu Hanzallah from the clutches of government forces at SMHS Hospital where he was brought for a medical check-up, the jail authorities have imposed harsh and restrictions upon the jail inmates without any justification and a number of inmates have been shifted from Central Jail Srinagar to the jails outside the valley as a punishment for no fault of theirs.

The spokesman said inmates have been deprived of all the facilities which they are entitled to under the jail norms and international human rights pertaining to the prisoners.

The relatives of the prisoners are subjected to unjustified scrutiny and made to wait for a just ten-minute meeting in between the iron-rod partition hardly able to listen to each other’s conversation. The shifting of the undertrial prisoners would cause an undue delay in the court proceedings thereby causing great injustice to them and deprivation of the smooth trail, said a spokesman.

“Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir ask the human rights organizations to come forward and look into the conditions of the political prisoners in the jails in Jammu and Kashmir and impress upon the jail administration to honour the fundamental rights of the inmates,” the spokesman quoted the JeI saying.

Jama’at also condemns the posting of jail superintendent, adding that by doing this jail has virtually been turned into an interrogation centre and a big hurdle for relatives of inmates who want to meet their dear ones.


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