National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that changing names of cities throughout the country is an attempt to change the pluralistic visage of India and a premeditated attempt to deviate the attention of people from the developmental deficit across the country.

Dr Farooq Abdullah who represents the Srinagar parliamentary constituency said that India has historically been a point of convergence of different cultures and the names of various cities reflected the pluralistic culture of India. “India is a mosaic of cultures and the contribution of Muslims cannot be belittled. The contribution of Muslims to the cultural pool of India is discernible in linguistics, crafts, food, and other art forms. Such attempts reveal the antipathy of BJP led state government including the incumbent UP Government for academics and historical facts,” he said.

NC president said that such irrational acts bring bad repute to the celebrated traits of India’s ethos known for forbearance. “It seems to be a considered attempt to diverge the people from real issues that the country is faced with. BJP which is at the helm of affairs has been serving people mere catchwords as development. People are watchful of their willies and are seeking answers from BJP for not fulfilling the promises they made during the run-up for 2014 national elections,” he said.

He said that history bears testimony to the fact as to how Muslims watered the pluralistic values of our country. “The contribution of Muslims in India’s freedom struggle cannot be derided. People like Fakrudin Ali Ahmad, Maulana Azad, Dr Zakir Hussain, and APJ Abdul Kalam including others contributed a lot towards India’s development.”

Dr Farooq said that people should remain cautious of such devious machinations that aim to divide the country into religious lines.

Meanwhile, Dr Farooq condemned the recent exertions of a right-wing group to vitiate the atmosphere of Jammu wherein they had instructed a particular community in Jammu not to sell properties to Muslims or lend properties to them on rent.”People have always shown steadfastness in upholding secular fabric of our state in the most trying times. I am sure they will keep up with the tradition of not lending ear to such obnoxious propaganda,” he said.


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