Chidambaram’s Statement, Geelani says, Untimely Confession of a Crime



geelani-pic-saveReiterating the call for shutdown on 27 February Saturday against the “unjust detention” of JNU students and Kashmiri Scholar SAR Geelani by the Delhi police and registration of sedition charges against them after the protest in the JNU against the “judicial murder” of Afzal Guru, Chairperson Hurriyat (g) Syed Ali Geelani termed the statement of P Chidambaram as ill-timed confession of the crime in which he had questioned the involvement of Afzal Guru in the Indian parliament attack.

Geelani said that if speaking truth in India is sedition then let BJP book P Chidambaram under the sedition law and detain him too in the Jail.

In a statement issued from New Delhi, the “pro-freedom” leader said that whatever is the background and reason of Chidambaram behind his statement with regarding to the hanging of Afzal Guru but this confession has placed a big question mark over the government system and the judicial system of India and the real face of this “self claiming” democratic country has got exposed.

Geelani said that since many legal experts and human rights activists had previously raised objections and questions regarding the fair trial of Afzal Guru but the importance of the statement of P Chidambaram is quite different from all these and his statement can in no way be ignored.

Chidambaram is a big man in the Indian politics and he was occupying a very important place in the UPA government and has also served as the “Home Minister”. Geelani sahab said that being an insider and a vital organ of the government, Chidambaram must be knowing everything about the reality of the Indian parliament attack and the “fabrication” of Afzal Guru in that case. So his statement has converted all those doubts into reality which were being said about the hanging of the Afzal Guru. Geelani further said that the statement of Chidambaram has proven the fact that the Indian judicial system is not independent, at the same time his revelation has confirmed that the hanging of Afzal Guru was the murder of justice. “It has also proven that the minorities and the lower castes are not treated at par with the majority population and they are living as second class citizens in this country.”

Hurriyat patriarch said, “What the students of JNU said or expressed on 9th February is nothing different from the confession of Chidambaram sahab and if this expression amounts to sedition in India then Mr. Chidambaram should also be detained on these charges. BJP should send him to Tihar jail like they did with SAR Geelani and the JNU scholars Mr. Kanahiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and others so that the “Justice for all” slogan is implemented.”


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