Chillai Kalan’s First Frame

With temperature slashing several notches below the freezing point in Kashmir, there are frozen frames everywhere. Bilal Bahadur picked the spot of Drang in north Kashmir to tell the visual story of day one of Chillai Kalan, reports Tahir Bhat

 As Kashmir freezes, it has entered 40-day harsh period of winter, locally known as Chillai Kalan. Followed by 20-day period of Chillai Khurd and 10-day period of Chille Bache, winter in Kashmir is traditionally on the basis of severity is divided into three stages.

Chillai Kalan begins with the winter solstice on December 21, when the day and night are of equal duration and ends on January 31. During this period, as the valley is cloaked in white, the frozen frames are usually seen everywhere. From taps in home to terrains outside, the liquid is lost in the frozen state.


The life in this season of year is dependent on the whims of the weather. The weatherman is being followed religiously to plan and put the requisites in place.
Slow-paced, the roads get blocked and electricity get erratic. The cold wave compels people to stay warm and indoors. The movements are restricted and a different lifestyle take over.
With temperature running in minus, the icicles are seen everywhere. As the life gets standstill, the season, which represents Kashmir is being cherished as well.
In pictures, the Drang in north Kashmir’s Tangmarg area was visited by tourists, both local and non-local and were seen enjoying the nature. There are specific sports meant for winters besides the usual gala events for the new year celebrations.


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