Chowkidars Stage Protest, Demand Rise In Honorarium

by Urvat IL Wuska

SRINAGAR: Chowkidar’s  Association on Saturday held a protest demanding enhancement in their honorarium and other facilities.

Scores of Chowkidars, under the banner of All Jammu and Kashmir Chowkidar Association, assembled in Press Colony Lal Chowk raised slogans for being treated differently against a meagre amount of honorarium.

Sheikh Bashir Ahmad, President All Jammu And Kashmir Village Guard Association said that despite of working so hard in these times of pandemic they are only getting Rs 50 as daily wages.

“While a laborer gets 1500 rupees against one day’s work, we are being paid 1500 a month,” he said.

Chowkidars under the banner of All Jammu and Kashmir Chowkidar Association staged a protest in Lal Chowk on Saturday, November 21, 2020. KL Image

The Protestors said that they are facing many hardships due to the low honorarium and lack of basic facilities.

They demanded office in the village and proper uniforms for them. “Nowadays government only provides us 1-meter cloth which is not sufficient,” protestors said.

“Our file is pending from last three years and we have approached many officials but all goes in vain,” they said.

So the protestors request Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to intervene into the matter and increase their salaries to 15000 Rs per month.


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