CITU Holds Protest Against New Farm Laws

by Nida Mehraj

SRINAGAR: The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), Himachal Pradesh, held a protest at press enclave Lal Chowk in Srinagar against the “anti-labourers” and farmer policies on Monday.

CITU holds a protest in Srinagar on Monday, August 9, 2021. KL Image by
Firdous Parray

The protesters said that the faulty policies of the Central government have resulted in the price hike of essential commodities, making the lives of poor people difficult.

The three farming laws passed by the Central government are anti-farmer and pro-corporate. They will deprive the farmers of getting the eligible price for their produce. It will further result in the artificial scarcity of goods in the market, rising the prices further, they said.

The charter of demands of the protesters included a cash support of Rs. 7,500 to all non-income tax payee families, ration support to all those in need, universal free vaccination, price rise, unemployment, job losses, compensation to the families of people who died due to Covid 19 along with withdrawal of the three farm laws and the labour codes among others.

Ghulam Nabi Malik Kisan leader said ever since August 2019, the incomes of people in J&K associated with the informal sector, consisting of low wage workers have dwindled sharply due to a major unemployment wave.

“Some of the severely affected people include construction workers, auto and bus drivers, small shop owners and daily wage labourers. ASHA and Anganwari workers are not being paid their meager wages on time in J&K,” he said.

“Thus it has become imperative for the people of our country to rise in unity and come out again to save the country from the disastrous policies that destroy our economy, our self-reliance and heap miseries on our people. The workers and the peasants who produce the wealth of our country have a key role in this struggle to save the country from disaster,” Malik said.

“The unemployment rate which had been the worst in 45 years in 2019 is rising with a speed never seen before,” he said, adding that the government is totally in denial mode rather twisting the facts to paint a picture of everything being normal and that the economy is reviving at full scale.

“Double whammy of unemployment and rising food prices have crippled the poor section of the society,” he said.

”We are continuously protesting from past 8 months and all farmers are protesting against these bills across India,” Malik said.


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