A cleanness drive cum awareness program was held at Nehru Park in Srinagar’s Dal Lake on Monday.

The event was organized by a private organization, Immensot (IMNBI) in association with LAWDA.

The event started at Gulshan Books café, at Nehru Park, where people spoke on the need of saving Dal Lake.  The chief Guest at the event was a French social activist Odile Mondale.

“Aim of the event was to Create waste management awareness among the society and Dal Dwellers,” the organizers of the event said.

Students of NSS wing Vishwa Bharti Women’s college Rainawari Srinagar were also awarded with certificates and medals for volunteering for the cleanness deive.

Besides officials from LAWDA participants from different business and society witnessed the event.

While terming this initiative as hope, Odile, said that “We have to save the Dal if we want our next generation to live happy life.”

She also talked about her experience being in Kashmir and suggested some ways to save the world famous lake.

Malik Tariq, an official from LAWDA, explained the current situation of the Lake. Saying that a lot of attention in needed, he added that number of innovative an modern steps are being are taken to make sure that Dal remains in its natural form, without pollution.

The organizer of the event, Younis Amin Nagoo, who is also founder and Director of Immensoft (IMNBI) suggested number of solutions to prevent Lakes and resources. “I wish to work in Kashmir to save our natural bodies. This property,” he said. “I hope government will support me in this imitative.”

Different other speakers, including Professor Miamoona Shah, Professor Muzamil Akhter, Vishwa Bharti Women’s college also spoke on the occasion.

Later the participants and the students went in the interiors of the Dal and started collecting waste.


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