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Every year when it is the time for NET exams, students from universities and colleges, assemble at press enclave and protest for rescheduling of their exams, this year the saga continued too.

Citing negligence by the Cluster University authorities, a group of students on Thursday held college authorities’ responsible for not being able to attend B Ed semester paper. The exam was scheduled on June 26,  the same day, the NET examinations were scheduled.

The students complained of the “irresponsible” behaviour of the college authorities for not rescheduling the paper as it had a clash with the NET examination.

“It is obvious that we work hard for the whole year and prepare exams for the NET exams, so we would definitely not choose to miss the Net exams,” one of the students who missed the university examination, told Kashmir Life.

Seeking redressal of the problem, the students demanded that the authorities should notify a separate date for the missed paper so that it would not hamper their degree.

Pertinent to mention that the NET examinations are held at the national level and the dates are already in public. “The authorities should have framed the date sheet accordingly, but unfortunately they did not do so, thus putting our Carrier at stake,” said another student.

Prior to the NET exams, the students have already expressed their concerns to the authorities but no steps were taken by the college authorities’.

The authorities had told the students to ask Principal for the postponement but the principal “excused” them by saying that the students are less in number and for few students, a university cannot change the exam dates.

Meanwhile, Principal IASE, Dr Seema Naz told Kashmir Life that she had asked the said students that she would look into the matter.

“I had asked them to come to my office so that I can take up the case with higher authorities, but only one student turned up and there is no such rule to change the whole set for just one student,” Dr Seema said.

“But still if there are students and have some genuine reasons, they can anytime contact me and we will try to sort out the issue,” she added.


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