CM Mehbooba talking against basic beliefs of Islam: Dukhtaran

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DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen

Lashing out at CM Mehbooba Mufti for “misquoting” Islamic teachings Dukhtaran-e-Millat Tuesday warned her to refrain from misrepresenting Qur’an.

Reacting to Mehbooba’s latest statement where she referred to the birth of Hazrat Fatima (RA) and said that when Fatima (RA) was born, Allah (SWT) told Muhammad (SAW) that Fatima is his (Allah’s) daughter and not Muhammad (SAW’s), a statement issued by DeM here reads.

The secretary general of DeM, Nahida Nasreen in the statement stated, “This is totally against the basic beliefs of Islam.”

She affirmed, “So far as the Islamic teachings are concerned, Mehbooba is  illiterate and doesn’t know the basics of Islam. She should refrain from speaking baloney. Mentioning Mufti as sir name doesn’t mean she is an authority on Islam and can spit rubbish.”

She said, “We warn her not to use or invoke Islam and Qur’an that too out of context for her petty benefits.”

Nasreen said, “Let her talk about RSS and their agenda. Let her talk about the schemes of Modi, Let her talk about Beti Bachao schemes. We know she is the Nagin of Nagpur. Let her talk about these things but she should abstain from talking Islam.”

“She is no authority on Islam neither does she have any knowledge about it. She should not use Qur’an and Hadith to preach Hindutva and their agenda,” Nasreen stated.

We request Mufti’s and Imam’s of Masajid across the divide to initiate necessary action against this shameless lady. “She should be taken to task according to the teachings of Islam and should be directed to stop talking about Islam. She has no concern with Islam and is rather conspiring to cut the roots of Islam in Kashmir.”


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