‘CM Mufti Ignored my Suggestion of Leading All-Party Delegation to New Delhi for Package’



Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday said that his suggestion to chief minister Mufti Sayeed to lead an all party delegation to New Delhi for building pressure on Modi government over release of rehabilitation package for Kashmir was “never taken seriously”.

“It was six months before that I suggested Mufti sahib about all-party delegation under his command which should go to New Delhi to discuss why rehabilitation package for J&K flood victims was delayed and to build a pressure for its early release. But I have not heard anything about it from government and reasons better known to Mufti sahab,” he told Radio Kashmir run evening news bulletin, Shaherbeen.

Omar while condemning the arrest of protesting traders and separatists today said that government was chocking the space for peaceful protests. “Is this democracy that the people who are protesting for their genuine demand are being arrested? This government is making mockery of everything. From the issue of Masarat Alam to traders protesting for a genuine demand, this government is choking every voice with force,” he said, adding arrests made today were highly condemnable.

Blaming government for preaching what they don’t practice, Omar said that on one hand an impression is being create that there was no money for flood victims but “on the other hand luxury cars worth Crores of rupees are being purchased for ministers and legislators.”

The former chief minister said that the biggest beneficiary of floods of 2014 was PDP. “This Party (PDP) exploited the misery of common people who were victims of devastating floods to come to power and after assuming power forgot them,” he said.


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