CM Reduced to ‘Peon’s Status’: ANC

KL Desk


Calling upon Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Dr Farooq Abdullah to resign from their respective posts, Senior Vice President of Awami National Conference (ANC), Muzafar Ahmad Shah said the central government has brought disgrace to the institution of Chief Minister by ignoring him before deciding on hanging of Muhammad Afzal Guru.

“They have reduced the status of the Chief Minister of the state to that of a “peon” by not involving him in deciding on the fate of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. Afzal was not merely a citizen of India but a resident of a state which enjoys special status in the country. They could not have taken the decision unilaterally”, said Shah while talking to KNS adding “It is a mere joke with the institution of Chief Minister to inform him just 12 hours before the execution”.

He said the central government has been habitual of brining disgrace to the state’s institutions for last 53 years.

Shah called upon the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Union Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah to resign forthwith from their posts to ‘restore some dignity to the state’s institutions particularly that of the Chief Minister’.

“They (centre) have brought the chair of CM and those holding it to disgrace and dishonour. To regain the honour both the father son duo should resign from their posts”, he added.

He said by hanging Afzal Guru, the Government of India had given reason for the younger generations of Kashmir to feel alientated and disgruntled.

Muzafar Shah said the party Chief Begum Khalida Shah will write to the Prime Minister and Supreme Court of India for return of body of Afzal Guru as soon as possible. He said they have decided to hold an intra-Kashmir round table Conference to take civil society on board for building pressure so that the mortal remains of Afzal are returned to his family.


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