CM’s Kupwara Visit: ‘Mehbooba Acted as Mouth Piece of Security Agencies,’ says Rasheed



CM Mehbooba Mufti in Kupwara's TRC with victim families on April 16, 2016. (KL Image courtesy: Information department)
CM Mehbooba Mufti in Kupwara’s TRC with victim families on April 16, 2016. (KL Image courtesy: Information department)

Independent lawmaker and Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) chief, Er Rasheed Sunday asked leadership to shun “ego and learn lesson from the masses”.

He addressed condolence gatherings at Awoora and Nagri to pay tributes to slain Mohammad Arif Dar and Jehangir Ahmad Wani who were killed by forces in last week.

“If common Kashmiris don’t indulge in arguments with each other at the time of any untoward incident or high handedness of Indian state and security forces and behave like a nation, why should not leaders follow the same strategy and get united to achieve the goal of resolution of Kashmir dispute,” Rasheed said.

“The leaders need to end the blame-game and show some respect towards the huge sacrifices being given by Kashmiris cutting across political affiliations,” he said.

Kashmir issue doesn’t belong to a particular thought, region or party because unless Kashmir issue is not resolved every inch of the mother land will continue to cry in pain, he added.

Er Rasheed with bereaved family of Kupwara on April 17, 2016.
Er Rasheed with a bereaved family of Kupwara on April 17, 2016.

Rasheed termed CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti’s visit to Kupwara as an “eye wash” “It was an act of adding salt to the injuries of people of Kupwara.”

“There can be nothing shameful than the fact that Ms Mehbooba Mufti visited Kupwara to motivate the families of victims to receive an amount of rupees 2 lakh on account of so-called ex-gratia but didn’t utter a single word towards the sentiments of people or about punishing the culprits except adding salt to the injuries and finding excuses to justify whatsoever happened in Kupwara.”

Rasheed further said, “she should have at least made a time bound commitment about shifting or relocating of army camp at Nutnussa but unfortunately acted as a mouth piece of security agencies just to save her blood bathed chair.”


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