Coalition To Last Till Last Day: Omar

KL Report


Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said the ruling coalition would stay strong till the last day. He was addressing a news conference after his cabinet approved the recommendations made by the CSC about creation of 659 administrative units in the state.

“The sign is that the coalition is strong and working well. We come up to the difficulties and the hurdles and it is possible that the we work together despite difficulties,” Omar told a news conference, called on short notice. “But do not confuse it with pre poll alliance.”

Omar said both the parties have mandated their respective high commands to decide about the future alliance. “We will accept what they will decide,” Omar said. “But what we see right now is that this coalition will last to the last day.”

Omar Abdullah had threatened to resign as Chief Minister in case the Congress obstructed in creation of new administrative units. Though initially the Congress was locally against the idea, the intervention at the top level led the party to succumb. However, the Congress ended up creating two times more administrative units than Omar expected.

Omar admitted that new creations will entail costs. But the costs would be offset by the fast delivery of the services and unburdening the existing units that were overloaded.


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