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 The National Conference Wednesday asked all its disgruntled leaders and workers to return to the party fold and strengthen the hands of the leadership for a prosperous future.

“All our people who are discontented or unhappy we need to bring them back, they are a part of us, and I want you to go to every nook and corner of the valley to win them back,” National Conference Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said in a meeting with all the district president of the Kashmir province at the party headquarters on Wednesday .
Nasir added, “They stood with Sheikh Sahib, all along with Farooq Sahib and now with Omar Sahib, we cannot forget the contribution of our cadre”.

“I know there are genuine grievances of our leaders and workers, this is a big family and disagreements do arise but I will ensure that I apprise the party leadership of their concerns and make sure that they are addressed,” said Nasir adding “I will personally talk to our people to clear all the misunderstanding they have had”.

Reiterating the working president’s assurance Nasir told the district presidents “Any decision on future course of action will be only taken after proper consultation with workers, office bearers. We will not take any decision which you don’t favor”.


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