Come Clean on Afzal Guru’s death sentence after assuming office in 2002; NC to PDP

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The National Conference (NC) Tuesday hit back at Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP)  asking them to come clear on the connection between charges framed, cases and the death sentence to Muhammad Afzal Guru and the years they were in power.

“PDP took the reins of the government on November 2, 2002 and only a month and a half later on 18 December 2002, a death sentence was given to Afzal Guru, would she mind explaining why all the cases against him were framed only when they were in power”  NC Spokesman Tanvir Sadiq said in a statement adding “It is surprising that if they were not a part of the decision to hang him, why didn’t they speak against it then” asked Tanvir

“It was during the PDP regime when all the cases against him were confirmed. Mehbooba Ji and her PDP are trying to now shed crocodile tears to hoodwink the people by playing dirty politics in this situation and their statement reflects the height of opportunism” said Tanvir.

“They had not uttered a word before this and choose to remain silent in the past as well but it was Omar Abdullah who made no secret of his opposition to the hanging and that fact can’t be changed or ignored,” Tanvir added.

Accusing PDP of taking advantage to score point over NC, Tanvir said, “

“They started talking about Afzal Guru only after the chief Minister Omar Abdullah spoke on the issue otherwise they were spectators taking sadistic pleasure out of the overall situation,” said Tanvir.

“All these people who are trying to don the mantle of a messiah, where were they when Afzal needed a lawyer, the people deserve to know where were these leaders when Afzal wasn’t receiving proper representation & had to rely on an amicus curiae appointed by the courts” asked Tanvir.

Asking PDP to come clean on the issues, Tanvir said, “If PDP thinks that they can still hoodwink the people by their hollow slogans and emotive issues then I think they are living in a fool’s paradise, people are wise enough to understand their tactics and time will itself testify the truth. There politics is based on lies and slur and now stand exposed, Lies will never become truth even if spoken unlimited times” Tanvir said.

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