‘Comments of President Teacher’s Forum Shows Frustration of ‘So Called’ Trade Union Leaders’


Reacting sharply to the comments made by President and spokesperson of teacher’s forum, the vice president and media secretary of General Line Teacher’s forum Gulshan Ahmad Magray Sunday said that such comments show the frustration and desperation of so called trade union leaders.

“The electronic media, Press and the civil society are a witness to hundreds of teachers that were present in the solidarity rally, so it is better for the so called trade union leaders to join a primary school and learn the counting,” the statement issued by the forum said.

“The teachers who were present in the rally organized by GLTF had come on their own will following the voice of their conscience to support the reformation process initiated by the authorities for the betterment of education sector as the entire teaching community barring some fringe elements, want to see the education sector back on track to achieve glory and safeguard the future of lakhs of poor students reading in government schools.”

The statement read that the teachers had not joined the rally due to any emotional black-mailed exploitation of sentiments as is the practice of the trade union leaders for gaining support. The rally was not a cosmetic show but it marked the beginning of a new era in the education sector, it added.

Representatives from all districts of the state including Jammu, Udhampur, Doda and Kargil participated in the rally.

He asked the question to the critics and people with self-vested interests that does worthy DSEK have relatives in each and every corner of the state.

GLTF doesn’t have patronage of anybody nor were the participants of the rally nears and dears of DSEK but the rally was the voice of the teaching community and the “real teachers” who want to do everything for the betterment of the education sector and for the bright future of the students.

The president of GLTF Anwar Hussain Wani said that instead of giving threats of agitation and assembling all the employees of the state in Lal chowk, it is better for the self-pro-claimed leaders to prove their worth in class rooms. “If these people are fond of competition it is better that the competition should be in the classrooms for importing quality education to the students rather than coming on streets for the sake of vested and selfish interests. The whole society is aware of the fact that who have been brought up under political and bureaucratic patronage and now the society cannot be befooled anymore. It does not bother us if any leader organises hundred rallies in a week for the sake of unionism but it is the moral and primary duty of all teachers and the union leaders to perform the basic duties for which they have been employed by the state and are drawing handsome salaries from the state exchequer,” he said.

He requested all the teachers to shun their differences and work with zeal, zest and honesty to do justice with their prophetic job and not to fall in the trap of people with self-vested interests and nefarious designs. “The entire teaching community including General Line Teahers, Rehbar Taleem Teachers, Lecturers and principles should read the clear writing on the wall that the society demands performance from us and not street shows, so we all must lend a helping hand to the authorities and support the reformative measures being taken by the authorities for bringing the derailed education sector back on track.”


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