Comprehensive Policy For SPOs: Govt

Bilal Handoo


It appears ‘police force’ in state is getting strong, at least in terms of ‘numbers’. In a significant ‘revelation’ on Tuesday the state government informed that 25, 474 special police officers (SPOs) are presently working in different units of the Jammu and Kashmir police.

SPOs including those assisting the village defense committees (VDCs) which are being paid honorarium of Rs 3000 per month.

The figures came forth in Legislative Council Budget session today, after MLCs Bashir Ahmad Magray and Murtaza Ahmad Khan asked the government “whether it is a fact that a huge number of young people have been engaged as SPOs over a period of time and still continue to work in the police department?”

“Yes,” the government reply reads, adding, “The state government has formulated a comprehensive policy in 2009 for absorption of SPOs as constables.”

Besides, the government informed that SPOs who have crossed the age limit of 28 years but are within 37 years of age and have completed three years continuous engagement, are eligible to apply for appointment to the post of constables.

“So far, 1852 SPOs have been regularized as constables under aforesaid policy,” the reply informed.

In another query raised by MLC Javed Ahmad Rana in Council today about the role of police in state in fighting militancy, the government reply remained assertive.

About the proposal to enable police force to meet future challenges, the government reply reads: “To meet the present and future challenges successfully, training of police personnel has been given top priority.”

The state government has already deputed 21,205 police officers for training in different courses including some specialized courses organized by BPRD, Army, BSF and CRPF.

“As regards training to SPOs, elementary training in drill, discipline in handling of weaponry is being organized for them at unit levels,” the government reply informed.


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