Confusion within Kashmiris gives New Delhi a chance to run away from the basic issue: Er Rasheed


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Sunday said that a divided Kashmir is the main cause that J&K dispute is not getting resolved.

While addressing a public meeting at Zathan and Chatoosa in Rafiabad Er Rasheed said that confusion within Kashmiris gives New Delhi a chance to run away from the basic issue. The spokesman quoted the Er Rasheed saying “while masses have supported leaders of various thoughts but in return, most of them have failed them and even stabbed from behind. It seems that since status-quo helps individuals with a vested interest, as such most of the politicians don’t move beyond traditions and symbolism. However, masses too cannot be exonerated of their duties and responsibilities for the reason that leaders of any thought too at the end of the day emerge from the masses and are a reflection of their collective character and conscience.”

Er Rasheed addressing a local gathering in Rafiabad town of Baramulla district

Rasheed appealed the political parties and amalgams to find maximum possible common ground so that masses don’t get divided and deviated every time. He also appealed New Delhi to restrain from encouraging and engineering fragmentation and divisions on the political scenario of J&K. he also accused local state government and public representative of creating a division within constituencies and regions just to keep their vote bank intact at the cost of rights of masses.


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