Cong MLC upset over ‘wrong’ govt reply on un-electrified villages in Doda, stages walkout

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Congress MLC Naresh Gupta Tuesday tore apart the reply of the Minister for Power and staged walkout over what he described as completely false and misleading reply about the un- electrified villages in District Doda.

MLC Gupta claims that there was no un-electrified village in erstwhile district Doda. In response to his question, power ministry had claimed that all villages have been electrified in erstwhile district Doda.

“If this is the case, then why have you not discontinued the DDUGJY scheme in this district. This is far from reality and a blatant lie. Government should come up with facts and stop this exercise of continuing with fiction,” added Naresh. Since Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Power Dr. Nirmal Singh was not in the house and MOS Syed Farooq Andrabi was replying on his behalf, he claimed that he would submit the list of electrified villages to the member.

“I would give you the list of the electrified villages. That should settle the issue once and far all,” added Farooq. However, this did not convince the MLC who tore apart the reply and walked out of the house. Though the other Congress MLCs created a lot of noise in the house but did not accompany Naresh when he staged the walkout.


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