Cong, NC have a ‘secret understanding’: Panthers


KL Report

Keeping complete mum in the state legislature on empowerment of Panchayats, Panthers party chose to hit the issue in a press conference. The party accused National Conference and State Committee of Indian National Congress of having ‘secret understanding’ over the issue.

“The state government is deliberately delaying, denying and sabotaging the rights and powers to Panchayat members. Congress and NC have a secret understanding on this. It is a conspiracy and is sheer injustice to Sarpanches and Panches,” JKNPP leader and MLA Harsh Dev Singh told reporters.

Singh demanded that the Panchayats should be empowered without any delay and 73th Amendment of the Constitution should be implemented in the state.

“Panchayats in the state should be empowered and rights and powers, which are legitimately due, to Sarpanches and Panches be given to them,” Harsh Dev Singh said.

He accused the Congress of having double-standards over the issue of implementation of 73th Amendment, saying it has made no move to bring a Bill in the Assembly for this.

“Congress is protesting outside the Assembly for the implementation of the 73th Amendment, but has not brought Bill in the Assembly to empower Sarpanches and Panches.”

“NPP had introduced a bill in the Budget session, but no Congressman raised his hand in its support. They out rightly rejected it,” Singh claimed.

“If Congress is so sincere on the issue of empowering Panchayats and NC is opposing it, why doesn’t it withdraw its support to the coalition government?,” he asked.

Condemning the recent killings of Panchayat members, Singh alleged the state government has failed to provide a sense of security to these members.

Singh also appealed the state government to increase the cap on LPG to 12 per year and also reduce taxes and increase the subsidy on it. He asked if other states in the country can provide subsidy, why Jammu and Kashmir cannot?


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