Cong, NC, PDP All Set To Become History; Claims BJP

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Kashmir unit of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has congratulated the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party president Amit Shah for party’s emphatic win the assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra.

In a statement here the state BJP spokesman Khalid Jehangir said, “People of Haryana and Maharashtra by showing door to Congress have once again reposed faith in Narendra Modi. We are thankful to them.”

Jehangir hoped that people of Kashmir would follow the suit and would overthrow those people who all these years have encouraged the family rule in the state.

He claimed that people of Jammu and Kashmir see a ray of hope in Modi as his win has made them believe that times have changed and there is no place for families to hold the reins of the country or the states.

“National Conference and Congress have been ruling Jammu and Kashmir for the past six decades and during all these years their leaders and activists have built big bungalows and have amassed huge wealth for themselves. They have ensured that nothing reaches to people and they and their kin get all the benefits,” he added.

The BJP spokesman asked masses not to get misled by the people who are preaching “separatism” for their own political benefits. “Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is an offshoot of Congress and it’s patron has been instrumental in promoting Family Raaj in the country for the past six decades,” he added.

Jehangir urged people of Jammu and Kashmir to come out in large numbers to participate in the forthcoming assembly elections and change their destiny. “BJP believes in development and its agenda is crystal clear. The Congress, NC and PDP are all set to become history as their misdeeds stand exposed and people are fed up of them,” he added.

Jehangir said the defeat of Congress in Haryana and Maharashtra is yet another nail in its coffin, which has enjoyed power at Centre and in several states by indulging in politics based on colour, caste and creed,” he said.

The BJP spokesman said that people of Jammu and Kashmir are for equitable development and want their state to prosper like other states.



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