Cong Provided Life Support to Omar’s Anarchic Rule: Mehbooba


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Accusing Congress of sowing the seeds of divisive and communal politics in Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President, Mehbooba Mufti Thursday said Congress can’t wash its hands off the morass of political uncertainty and economic instability Jammu and Kashmir is entangled in.

“It is ironic that Rahul Gandhi is criticizing his friend Omar Abdullah now after having destroyed Jammu and Kashmir together during the past six years,” Mehbooba said while addressing a series of election rallies in Dooru assembly segment to enlist support for PDP candidate Farooq Indrbai.

She said it was Rahul Gandhi who provided the lifeline to Omar in 2010 when hundreds of youth and children were being killed by NC-Congress coalition government in Kashmir. “Rahul pleaded for giving Omar ‘more time as he is young and learning’ while innocent blood was being shed on the streets of Kashmir by the government headed by his friend,” she said and added that Congress also extracted its pound of flesh when it needed to hang Afzal Guru in its failed bid to stop BJP march as Guru was pulled out of the row and sent to gallows out of turn. “Afzal was picked out of turn only as a return favor by Omar to his friend who had owed his survival to Rahul Gandhi in spite of his repeated failures,” she said.

Mehbooba said Congress even shielded Omar in the Haji Yousuf case which would rate as one of the most sensational cases of political corruption and murder in JK. “Even the Rs 113 crore Cricket Association scam, involving Dr Farooq Abdullah, was hushed up by Omar Abdullah-led government with the help of his friends in Congress,” she said.

Mehbooba said Congress and NC are equally responsible for creating political space for BJP in the State which has, in the last six years, seen the most incompetent and corrupt government headed by Omar Abdullah. “Congress kept Omar Abdullah government on life support system for its entire tenure as its ministers tried to outdo their NC colleagues in amassing wealth and looting the state,” she said and added that unfortunately all the Congress ministers involved in various scams and scandals were given mandate by the party like their cohorts in NC.

Mehbooba said PDP has set new and ethical standards of political morality and steadfastness thereby making the traditional political parties more accountable before the electorate. She said the State’s conventional political clan, which was used to deceiving the people in the name of one or the other juggling act, is stunned by this new reality and this has led its leadership to further confusion and desperation.

She reiterated her party’s resolve to realize the unfinished agenda of dignified political peace and sustainable economic prosperity for the people in all the regions and sub-regions of the State. “I assure you that PDP would realize this dream under the visionary leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed,” she said.

Referring to the local problems Mehbooba said the people have brought to her notice the widespread complaints about non-availability of ration, power and water for irrigation and drinking purposes. She said there is an acute scarcity of food grains which needs to be immediately addressed.

She said there is huge potential of tourism in the area and once voted to form the government the PDP will realize that potential for the benefit of the local people.

Mehbooba expressed concern at the reports of major geological changes taking place in the area as a result of the construction of railway tunnel. She was told that about a dozen springs had dried up after the construction of the tunnel. She said while development projects can’t be avoided the environment considerations must be kept in view so that Kashmir valley does not lose any of its valuable assets.


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