Congress Decries PDPs “Political Vendetta”

Congress Protest in Lal ChowkKL NEWS NETWORK


Congress legislature party has accused PDP-BJP alliance of adopting vindictive attitude towards the opposition, especially Congress in J&K.

In a statement Congress legislature party led by Rigzin Jora has lashed out at PDP-BJP government for targeting leaders of Congress party and adopting discriminatory and vindictive attitude out of political vendetta in the matter of security cover and accommodation with a view to dissuade the Congress leadership from playing the role of effective and vibrant opposition in the State, as the Congress party and its cadres are highlighting the failures of the government to mitigate the problems of people and come up to their expectations.

Congress Legislators said that party leaders including the State President G A Mir were denied adequate security cover besides Government is adopting discriminatory attitude in the matter of accommodation, which is against the democratic traditions, and requirement in this sensitive state. They said that the government which always claimed to believe that politics is battle of ideas is adopting such tactics against the opposition, which is highly unfortunate and explosive the hollowness and frustration of the party.

Congress party, the statement said, has always fought against the communal, divisive and secessionist forces and that is the reason why they are the target of antinational forces. They said that those who are at the helm of affairs have availed adequate security and other facilities for playing their role while in opposition, are denying reasonable facilities in those matters to the Congress party and its leaders which is highly objectionable.

Apart from Jora, the signatories to the statement include Aijaz Khan, G M Saroori, Haji Abdul Rashid, Vikar Rasoor, Asgar Karblai, Ch Mohammad Akram, Usman Majid, Mohammad Ameen Bhat, Del Den Namgyal, Mumtaz Khan, Manohar Nath Pandita, Ghulam Qadir Bhat, Shadi Lal Pandita, Hira Lal Pandita, Kiran Raina, Chuni Lal Raina, Amrita Bhat, Raj Nath Dhar, Chaman Lal Koul, Ajay Bharti Karan Choudry, Bansi Lal Raina, Avtar Kirshan Raina, Madan Lal Labroo. Bansi Lal Razdan, Ramesh Kumar Bhat, Chander Parkesh Singh and Maharaj K Pandita


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