Congress’ Ex-Min Wani Regrets Transfers, Postings on ‘Communal Lines’




Former minister and senior Congress politician, abdul majid Wani, Monday said that the transfers and postings in J&K state have been coomunalised after PDP-BJP coalition came in to power.

“It is shocking that the manner in which transfers and postings have been communalised,” he said in a statement adding, “religion, caste and region was never the criteria when Congress was either heading the government or sharing power with some other party. But the present BJP-PDP dispensation is bent upon destroying the secular fabric of Jammu and Kashmir by resorting to transfers and postings on communal basis.”

Wani alleged that attempts are being made to ‘vitiate peaceful atmosphere’.

He added that the Congress party would “fight this tooth and nail”  the move. “We won’t allow anyone to harass, intimidate or humiliate our honest and dedicated officers, purely for communal reasons,” Wani said.

The statement quoting Wani said that he expressed deep anguish over continued ‘neglect’ of erstwhile District Doda in general and Doda Constituency in particular by ruling PDP-BJP combine.

“The Highway-1B has become a death-trap within last three month. Neither the MP concerned, who is a Minister in the PMO, nor the Ministers, MLAs and MLCs of BJP-PDP are doing anything to address this dangerous road scenario. They are unmindful of the consequences of this extreme neglect of a region which has highest hydroelectric potential in the country,” Wani said.

He said that the state government should have by now started work on war-footing basis to provide at-least a safe national highway to the people of this erstwhile district.

“But we are being fed with statements and assurances while nothing is moving on ground, which was never the case when Congress was in power in the state,” the statement further said. “I would not talk about the condition of interior roads since the PDP-BJP government is unable to make the Srinagar-Jammu highway safe for travel, how would they ensure macadamised connectivity on the roads leading to various far-flung and tourist potential areas of erstwhile Doda?” he asked.

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