Congress’ Opposition to AFSPA Revocation Tragic, says Ex-Ally NC



National Conference Monday, while strongly reacting to the remarks of Congress Leader Makhan Fotedar, expressed disappointment at Congress party’s opposition to the revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from the State. Terming Congress Leader Makhan Fotedar as a traditional, “chronically communal enemy of the people of Kashmir”, NC, in its statement said that the Congress leader was an irrelevant entity in the politics of the State and should realize that the days when he along with his then Congress colleague Mufti Mohammad Sayeed “manipulated” democracy in the State were long over.

Pertinently, Senior Congress Leader Makhan Lal Fotedar had on Sunday, in an interview, opposed the revocation of AFSPA from the State.

“Fotedar’s name is etched in black letters in the history of J&K. He has been a permanent feature in almost all illegitimate intrigues launched against the State’s political honor, special status and dignity. He owes his place in politics to sycophancy and affinity to political circles and as always remains an irrelevant, anti-Kashmir voice that has absolutely no resonance on the ground. His opposition to the revocation of AFSPA has yet again revealed his vile, vituperative animosity with the people of Kashmir”, NC spokesperson said.

Terming Fotedar’s comments about National Conference as the “wishful, baseless figments of his imagination”, NC Spokesperson asked Fotedar to “introspect and look into why some of the most senior leaders of the Congress party faced rout” in the Assembly Elections.

“Fotedar’s remarks which come after PCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir’s equally absurd remarks indicate that the Congress Party in J&K is still reluctant to reconcile with the fact that its Senior Leaders and Former Cabinet Ministers, including now PCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir were routed in the elections. Rather than wasting his time in giving sermons, Fotedar should help Mir in ascertaining what activities of its leaders resulted in their complete rout,” the statement added.

“It seems there is a lobby in the State Congress that has yet again shelved its sense of self-respect and dignity as it continues in its quest to play second fiddle to Mufti Sahab’s mind-games despite being repeatedly used and disposed by the PDP with contempt. It is a fact that the Congress Leaders transferred votes in favor of PDP candidates in the Parliament Elections despite its pre-poll alliance with NC and the present PCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir was a part of this ploy and illegitimate tacit understanding with PDP. It is also a fact that Congress Leaders from J&K including then PCC Chief, Professor Soz openly opposed revocation of AFSPA. Today the same Professor Soz has the audacity to demand the revocation of AFSPA. Also, recently the PCC Chief Ghulam Ahmed Mir has indirectly supported the execution of Afzal Guru through his veiled statements opposing the condemnation to Guru’s hanging. This ironically comes after Congress MLAs signed a letter expressing regret and condemning Guru’s execution ahead of the Legislative Council elections in the State. The Congress Party in J&K is weaving a web of contradictions around itself on sensitive issues like AFSPA, execution of Afzal Guru and on its basic political stand viz-a-viz the PDP-BJP unholy alliance, and if it doesn’t stop – it will get entangled in this web and perish,” the statement further stated.

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