Congress Questions PDP-BJP over 2 ½ Month Delay in Govt Formation



Questioning the logic behind the confusion and political uncertainty of over 2 ½ months over the issue of Government formation, the Congress Monday asked PDP and BJP to explain the delay  and what transpired between  the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti as the people have right to know.

Reacting to the meeting between the two leaders today JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma questioned the two parties for more than 2 ½ month’s delay over the issue of Government formation and the people have right to know what transpired between the two leaders and what were those condition and issues which led to the over 2 ½ months’ stalemate and now what has been settled between the two sides over the issue of public interests.

Sharma said that two Parties have been enacting  stories and dramas over the issue of Government Formation as the PDP projected in the public that without the fulfilment of CBMs and Conditions no Government Formation is possible, while BJP rejected  that  it would not accept any conditions in this regard,  now since the two leaders have met following open statements by BJP top leaders claiming that they are not ready to accept any condition even threatening to the extent  that it would  explore other possibilities  for the  formation of Government, people  need to  know whether it was a match fixing between the two Parties to befool the masses  for over 2 ½  months.

“In view of the situation both PDP and BJP  are answerable  to the people as to what conditions were put forth and accepted and if there were no fresh conditions by  such a long uncertainty and  instability putting people to  great hardships and a state of great confusion,” he said.

Ravinder Sharma strongly criticized two parties for taking the people for ride and keeping them in dark about this power sharing game in which people are the ultimate judge over the conduct of both political parties.

He further remarked that if it takes more than 2 ½ months  for a meeting  between the leaders  of  two Parties, what would be the fate and stability  of any such formation, if at all it come to shape?


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