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The National Conference on Monday while claiming a Muslim can only become the chief minister of the state, it said the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir guarantees that the head of the state must be from the majority.

Such remarks of National Conference have come up at a time when the state is witnessing a deadlock for the formation of the new government as the hung assembly was witnessed after the state elections of 2014.

“BJP demands that CM must be from their party but there is no Muslim candidate elected on a BJP ticket. Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir guarantees hegemony of the Muslims only as they are in majority in the state. Therefore only a Muslim can become the chief minister here,” additional general secretary NC Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal told KNS.

Asked if it means that a Hindu CM demand is unconstitutional, Kamal said:”We can put it in this way that JK is the Muslim majority state and constitution clearly says that a person from a majority can become the head of the state.”

He added that the constitution has declared it after the thorough deliberations as the state has witnessed the 500 year foreign rule and 100 years of Dogra rule in the past.

“If it is written in the Constitution that only a Muslim can become the chief minister, the BJP must not grudge over it. They must give up their communal agenda,” NC’s firebrand leader said.

Kamal, who is also uncle of the chief minister Omar Abdullah, maintained that constitutional laws must not be undermined at any cost.

While offering PDP an unconditional support, Kamal said NC would not betray PDP and in no way would withdraw its support, if the government is formed in Jammu and Kashmir with the NC-PDP alliance for the first time.

He added that  it is for the PDP to take final call for the formation of the new government in Jammu and Kashmir as it has emerged as the single largest party after the state elections of 2014.


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