Contractors Seek Release Of Pending Bills Before Eid


SRINAGAR: Demanding release of pending liability of contractors before Eid, construction contractors have claimed that as a result of pending dues they have been forced to starve.

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Farooq Ahmad Dar, General Secretary of the Central Contractors Coordination Committee (JKCCCC), a joint platform of contractors, said that as a result of non-payment of dues, the contractors have become indebted to banks and financial institutions.

“Due to non-payment of dues, the suppliers of bricks, cement, gravel, sand, iron, paint and electricity and plumbing equipment were also in miserable condition,” he said.

Dar said that the class supplying construction materials is also a middle class, which cannot bear this debt for a long time.

He said that this class has also taken loans from banks and financial institutions, which they could not repay, as a result of which they have stopped supplying construction materials, and if this problem is not solved immediately, it has a direct effect on the construction work.

Dar said that they have become indebted to the financial institutions and interest has made their life miserable.

JKCCCC General secretary said that due to the situation of previous years and non-payment of dues, the families of contractors are starving for bread and butter.

He said that last year Financial Commissioner Finance Dr Arun Mehta had also announced to take administrative steps for the payment of dues of Rs600 Cr, but the order was not implemented on ground.

He demanded the Government to clear their pending liability, so that t contractors can repay the debts of the material suppliers, and both the classes and their families can join in the joys of Eid.


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