Contribution Towards Society Looms Large: Omar


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Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Thursday said that contribution towards betterment of people and the society always looms large. “Those who work for the good of their fellow human beings live in the hearts of people”, he added.

Speaking on obituary reference moved in State Legislative Assembly for remembering and paying tributes to the former Prime Minister, Late I. K. Gujral, former Jammu and Kashmir Minister, Late Abdul Aziz Zergar, and Members of State Legislature, Late Ghulam Nabi Wani (Budgami), Late Dhan Raj Bhargotra, Late Dhain Singh Kalhotra and Late Syeda Sugra Salma Samnani, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah referred the contribution of these leaders and said that people will always remember them for their good work towards the betterment of society.

Omar Abdullah said that Late I. K. Gujral came to India after partition and joined politics. “Gujral was appointed Ambassador of India in Moscow and served the people within and outside the country in various capacities and rose to the position of Prime Minister of India”, Omar Abdullah said.

Omar Abdullah referred to the Gujral Doctrine which lays stress on good relations between neighbours. He said Gujral Doctrine has remind food for thought for the think tankers and experts of foreign affairs and its relevance is universal and without any time limit. He said that Late I. K. Gujral was of the opinion that India would attain fast progress when it has good relations with its neighbours.

Omar Abdullah also referred to the contribution of Late I. K. Gujral to Urdu literature and said that he has written six books in Urdu including poetry.

Hepaid tributes to Late Abdul Aziz Zergar and Late Ghulam Nabi Wani (Budgami) and mentioned their role as the Members of State Constituent Assembly. “They were involved in drafting the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir and the Special Status of relations between Jammu and Kashmir and the Country”, he added.

The Chief Minister also remembered Late Dhan Raj Bhargotra and Late Dhian Singh Kalhotra and said that these leaders have made their mark in political arena working for the welfare of society and the constituencies they represented in the Legislative Assembly.

Paying tributes to Late Syeda Sugra Salma Samnani, Omar Abdullah referred to her struggle for upliftment of women and mentioned her role as journalist adding that she was editor and publisher of Daily Urdu Sandesh and contributed to the society in this capacity also.


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