Cops have secured wives, children after security was withdrawn to political class: PDP writes to CEO


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has written to Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Jammu and Kashmir, alleging that the withdrawal of security of their various leaders following a recent security review meet was aimed at “managing and rigging elections.” Following is the full text of the letter:



Chief Electoral Officer

Jammu and Kashmir

Sub. Selective withdrawal of security in recent SRC meeting and attempts to influence the electoral process.


With reference to the above-cited subject, we would like to draw your kind attention towards the following points:

A recent security review meeting has issued a withdrawal of security mostly against PDP leaders and active members.

Withdrawing security, downgrading or de-categorizing of PDP leaders at given times is nothing but to demoralize and limit the party activities.

It is clearly aimed to weaken the PDP and influence election process to help a selective bunch of people, parties who are enlisted for adequate security and protection at the risk and cost of our leaders

PDP continues to be the most expanded cadre-based organisation in the state and particularly in Kashmir and many workers have recently lost their lives for mainstream politics.

There is consistent fear and threat to their lives and authoritarian move to target PDP leaders in nothing but to risk lives.

Selective withdrawal of security and protection to mainstream leaders in Kashmir is being used as a tool to influence elections. At times when 3 tier protection is given to convoys on highway and SP is asked to escort security cavalcades, ROP’s are placed for CRPF movements and unfortunately, mainstream is deprived of basic security and withdrawal is used as witchhunt.

A few officers have assigned categories to their own wives, children and business friends and risking our and our workers’ lives.

Withdrawal of security is only to create a hostile atmosphere and aimed to manage and rig elections.

Those who advocate communal agenda’s are given adequate security and those who foster democracy have been casualties.

If CRPF convoy needs SP level escorts and 3 tier security layer, what about our political workers and on what basis security has been withdrawn.

This selective approach to basic security considerations amounts to fixing the election results through tactical rigging as our leaders and workers are being denied level playing field. It will cast a long shadow over the entire electoral process. History is a witness that the state has suffered the most because of the compromised credibility of elections. Attempting it once again through officers who are recipients of known government favours again will threaten the interests of the state and the nation.

In this backdrop, we urge your good self to personally interne and ensure that no favouritism is allowed in times of election process and security has not used a tool to influence or limit the activities. Besides the security of leaders is paramount with regards to their participation in election processes and party activities thereof. Thank You


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