Coronavirus: DAK Launches “DAK-HELPDESK” Mobile App


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Thursday launched Android-based Mobile Application, named as “DAK-HELPDESK” which can be downloaded from

Coronavirus: DAK Launches “DAK-HELPDESK” Mobile App

The application can be downloaded by people across the region who need online medical Consultations either telephonically or through WhatsApp between 9 AM till 6 PM for minor ailments and COVID-19 related information.

The “DAK-HELPDESK” mobile Application has been made available in view of rapidly spreading Coronavirus disease, COVID-19 across the region whereby it has been urged upon the General public to stay home so as to break the chain of transmission.

“The application has been developed, Designed and donated by Irfan Ali Wani, a Srinagar based web Designer.  We are thankful to him for his generosity,” said DAK spokesman in a statement.


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