Coronavirus: DAK seeks slew of measures to tackle ongoing crisis


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Saturday held an E-meeting where various aspects of Covid-19 were discussed.

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) with Director Health Kashmir

President Doctors Association Kashmir, Dr Suhail Naik appreciated the tireless and fearless work of all the health care workers who are doing tremendous work while risking their own lives.

“We are saluting the efforts of health care workers who are conducting more than 500 tests in 24 hours and keeping our testing rate at par with Kerala,” Dr Naik added.

Dr Suhail Naik further said that the war against an invisible enemy is multi-pronged and collective efforts from the administration, health and community participation are utmost important to win this war.

“The Jammu and Kashmir administration has played a pivotal role from the very beginning by imposing strict lockdown, aggressive contact tracing, quarantine, testing and isolation,” he said.

He said that the people of the union territory have religiously followed all the administrative and health advisories and their role can’t be undermined.

General Secretary DAK, Dr Owais H Dar said that doctors and paramedics are always putting their health and life at risk while dealing patients.

“While Covid-19 is a recent threat to health and life, we can’t brush aside the all-time risks imposed by endemic communicable diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and C on health care workers,” he said.

“Our health sector has always delivered during disasters and it is now the right time that the government must address various issues of health care workers in order to raise their morale during these testing times,” he added.

Doctors Association Kashmir has demanded that the administration must fulfil all the below mentioned demands on priority basis:

  1. Provide adequate protection in the form of security personnel in every covid hospital and bring an urgent ordinance declaring assault on health care workers as a non-bailable offence.
  2. Ensure medicolegal cover to all doctors, paramedics and sweepers.
  3. One crore life cover to all Frontline health care workers as is done by the Union Territory of Delhi.
  4. Ensure that only one member of the couple is put on COVID-19 duty. There are many instances where both husband and wife are giving Covid-19 duties and consequently landing into 14 days quarantine. This has psychologically impacted their family and children, who are under constant stress.
  5. The government must include expert doctors in media briefings related to COVID-19.
  6. Revoke SRO- 202 and appoint new doctors on fast track recruitment basis. SRO – 202 is like punishment to doctors who are serving during this humanitarian crisis. The government should consider one-time relaxation and allow doctors to join the department who were recruited last year on a fast track basis but couldn’t join as they were doing postgraduation or senior residency at that time. Most of the doctors who have been terminated in past are ready to serve our people amidst COVID-19. They might be given one last opportunity to serve the people and this augments the staff in the shortest time.
  7. Doctors and paramedics are always risking their lives and it is imperative to provide them monthly risk cover as there are always chances of cross-infection while dealing with such high-risk cases like HIV, HCV, HBS, COVID-19 and performing duties during turmoils
  8. Good Accommodation facilities for doctors and paramedics along with necessary logistics for doctors involved in COVID-19 duties at least at District level.
  9. Strong measures for mass awareness among people regarding Social distancing, mask for all and self-hygiene because this may have to be practised beyond lockdown period unless there will be an effective drug therapy or vaccine against COVID 19 by utilizing services of various organisations.

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) requests LG of J&K, GC Murmu and Financial Commissioner HME, Atal Dullo to kindly take a holistic view about the measures suggested in the larger interest of medical fraternity and the public at large.


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