Coronavirus: DM Srinagar issues set of instructions for NGOs involved in relief efforts


In view of a number of voluntary support organisations expressing a desire to collaborate in the response mechanism that has been put in place in the district in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and in view of the needs arising out of this situation the District Magistrate Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary who is also the Chairman District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Srinagar has issued a set of instructions to ensure streamlined and meticulous operation of efforts.

Issuing a circular here the DM has instructed that all NGOs interested in distributing different kinds of material be that food or PPE shall furnish a detailed plan to the DDMA Srinagar adding that no distribution can be made without seeking prior approval.

The circular states that while the DDMA acknowledges that NGOs and other voluntary support organisations have an important role in a situation like this and is taking them onboard its elaborate response mechanism it is important that their operations are regulated keeping in mind the nature of the situation.

It states that the NGOs will have an option to distribute the said relief material themselves or hand it over to the DDMA for distribution adding that in the former case a DDMA representative will be deputed to ensure organised distribution thereof. In either case, distribution will be preceded by mandatory quality-check by DDMA.

It should be noted that the DDMA has designated nodal officers – who are experts in their respective fields – for certifying the quality of material or items that voluntary support organisations might want to donate or distribute.

Before distribution can be made the target areas or residents or institutions will have to be finalised in consultation with the DDMA in order to ensure a smooth and thorough distribution process.

In order to prevent public gathering or crowding during the distribution of the material, concerned Executive Magistrates and SHOs will ensure order and organised execution. No organisation or government department can gather people during the distribution of material.

NGOs and other voluntary support organisations interested in collaborating with the Srinagar administration in its response mechanism can register their interest through WhatsApp on 7006414736 and 9149654809 numbers.

Dr Shahid who issued these instructions under powers vested in him under the provisions of the disaster management act 2005 said the district administration appreciates the role and efforts of NGOs and other such organisations but stressed the importance of putting in place a mechanism which ensures smooth response operations and following of all precautions and guidelines in order to avoid problems.

Meanwhile, organisations or persons can also donate funds towards the ongoing response efforts in the district. The funds can be credited to the account of Chairman District Red Cross Society (Deputy Commissioner) Srinagar (Account Number 0367040100004325, IFS Code JAKA0TANKEE, MICR Code 190051068, J&K Bank Tankipora Srinagar).


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