Coronavirus: Dr Farooq Abdullah seeks protective gear for doctors, paramedics


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President and Member of Parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday appreciated the outstanding efforts of the frontal staff including doctors, Paramedics and other ground staffers associated with other essential services for their persevering fight against COVID-19 crises.

Party President while appreciating the role of employees, ground staffers associated with various essential services for their resilience, said, “The role played by the scores of doctors, paramedics, sanitary workers, and those manning the essential services is commendable. Away from their homes and family, they have been doing a tremendous job. It goes without saying how critical a role these valiant men and women have played in ensuring uninterrupted supply of electricity, water to households across J&K. They have been fighting the situation hammer and tongs.  The perseverance and endurance these people have exhibited cannot be overlooked; we as a society are indebted to them.”

While the ground staffers are battling out the crises, the government should ensure their wellbeing in the wake of the prevailing situation. “It is for the government to ensure their safety and health, and they cannot be left on their own.  What we have been seeing that at various hospitals and health centers, the Paramedics, and doctors are working exclusively of necessary preventive kits like N 95, three-layer masks, gloves, and other required items.  The state of affairs of scores of sweepers and sanitary workers is no different, perhaps it is more precarious.”

Dr Farooq said that it is the need of the hour to ensure that the front line workers who are battling the crises are looked after very well, and that government ought to ensure that their interests are cared for and efforts acknowledged.

While necessitating for bumming up the efforts to cope up with any such potential pandemics party president said that the government should enhance the operational capacity of disaster management agency to cope up with such public health crises. “The need of the hour necessitates for having a highly equipped and upto date virology research center in J&K that can find new and advanced therapeutic approaches towards such outbreaks,” he said.


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