Coronavirus: Driver Injured In Mob Attack As Officials Refused Permission For Night Gathering


Driver of an officer on special duty (OSD) deployed in managing the counter-Coronavirus efforts in Sumbal had a providential escape when they were pelted stones in a village late tonight. Accompanied by a police officer they had gone to suggest the elders to avoid the night gathering in wake of the Shab-e-Baraat.

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“We managed to convince them but when we were coming out some of them resorted to stone pelting,” Shanawaz Bukhari said. “My driver was injured but he managed to get us out of the village.”

The belt is facing a serious crisis as 25 individuals have tested positive so far and nearly 250 suspects are in administrative quarantine. On Wednesday alone, they located 22 families of the person who died of the disease on Tuesday. “Right now, one of the families that were in close contact is on its way to the quarantine centre but another one is unwilling to get into the quarantine. We are making our efforts and we will convince them.”

At least four persons who tested positive at the SKIMS on Wednesday were from this belt. They had sent 56 suspected cases to the institute and four of them were positive.

The administration has decided against the permitted return of home even after the people complete 14 days quarantine. “WE have cases in which the people developed symptoms many later after the initial 14 days. In one case whom we located almost 25 days after he had contact with an infected person developed symptoms many days later and eventually emerged as a positive case,” the officer said. “There are cases in which symptoms developed after 14 days. So we will not be permitted individuals to go home even after they turn negative.”


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