Coronavirus: Drug Controller Reviews Stock Position Of Medicines In JK


Drug Controller J&K, Lotika Khajuria on Wednesday convened a meeting of all Depot holders / C&F agents / Super stockists of leading multinational/micro pharma houses based at Jammu to facilitate and ensure the uninterrupted and hassle-free supply of life-saving/essential medicines in the whole distribution chain to the end users across the UT of J&K.

Coronavirus: Drug Controller Lotika Khajuria Reviews Stock Position Of Medicines In JK

The meeting was attended by Assistant Drug Controller Jammu, Drug Control Officers, President JPDA and other representatives of Pharma trade.

The meeting was conducted post the outbreak of COVID 19 and subsequent implementation of Pan India lockdown to ensure that there is no shortage of essential lifesaving medicines to the patients/end users across J&K.

It was informed that there are sufficient stocks of all kinds of essential medicines at the depot level and in the supply chain as of now, however, the pharma dealers raised the concerns that they are facing certain difficulties under the present restrictions/lockdown w.r.t the transportation of medicines both at the inter and intrastate levels.

Taking immediate cognizance of the difficulties, certain steps were initiated for removal of such difficulties by taking up the matter with the administration for their immediate removal to ensure smooth movement of consignments of life-saving essential medicines.

In this context, a WhatsApp group was constituted comprising officers of the Drug Control Department and the depot holders of all the major MNC’S to maintain coherent coordination to ensure that there is no shortage of any lifesaving medicines which has been shared with the stakeholders.

All the Assistant Drug Controllers at the district level have been instructed to ensure the availability of all lifesaving medicines and report a shortage of any kind of medicines on the WhatsApp group No  9797134137 on the designed format so that prompt action will be initiated to ensure the availability of particular class of medicines.

Further, the Enforcement / Empowered authorities across the UT have been instructed to ensure that social distancing is strictly maintained at the retail medical outlets as responsible citizens to contain the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID 19).


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