Coronavirus: Hoteliers in Gulmarg asked to implement advisory


Authorities on Friday asked hoteliers in Gulmarg, the famous health resort place in north Kashmir to implement advisory.

“All the hoteliers of sub Division Gulgmarg are directed to ensure implementation of the advisory /directions issued under integrated disease surveillance Programme (IDST) by the National centre for Disease control,” reads an order issued by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate Gulmarg.

“They are also directed to submit the details of guests on daily basis to the office of Assistant Director Tourism Gulmarg and this office as well on the format enclosed herewith,” the order reads.

The Assistant Director Tourism Gulmarg shall collect the forms/ information on daily basis from the Hoteliers and shall furnish consolidated information to this office by 07:00 PM through whatsapp/ phone, reads an order.


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