Coronavirus: ‘It is a Jihad for medical staff’, says Kashmir Chamber


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) said that the medical staff is doing “Jihad” to save us from the deadly virus which has been declared world pandemic, with the limited facilities we have here in Kashmir.

Kashmir Chamber: the new team elected to office in September 2018- (LtoR) Nasir Hameed Khan, Sheikh Ashiq, Dr Abdul Majid Mir, Farooq Amin, Sheikh Gowhar Ali and Manzoor Ahmad Pakhtoon

A KCCI statement said that these brave souls are issuing advisories for social distancing and other measures to be taken by the general public and on the other hand are risking their lives to save the people.

“It is our moral duty as a business community and responsible citizens to provide any moral or financial support for safeguarding their lives,” said KCCI.

“Hence we request to doctors association to let us know if these brave heroes of our society are properly protected with required mandatory gears. If in case there is any shortage we would like to provide any possible help at this critical juncture. We also urge the Government to ensure their safety and provide them with all possible protective gears and equipments,” KCCI statement said.


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