Coronavirus: Kashmir Artists Draws to Talk to People, Government


SRINAGAR: Kashmir’s most prominent artist, Masood Hussain has posted on his Facebook the most latest of his works to send a message, both to the people and to the government. While he wants the people to stay home and stay away from the invisible harms’ way, Hussain wants the government to restore the 4G services as it is a requirement on the ground.

Kashmiri artist Masood Hussain’s artwork with Haiku from an Irish poet.

“In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government must restore full access to internet services in the region of Jammu and Kashmir and ensure that people have full access to health and safety-related information,” the caption of his work seeking restoration of the 4G reads.

Kashmir’s prominent artist, Masood Hussain’s work indicate a demand that high-speed internet is desperately required in the battle against the virus. Photo: Artist

“I am not seeking the high-speed internet for any reason other than the situation,” Hussain told Kashmir Life. “We are in desperate requirement of the service for better communication.”

Kashmir artists Masood Hussain’s recent work asking people to stay indoors to avoid a viral infection.

Apart from his two works aimed at educating people to stay in-doors, Hussain has done one work that also carries tanka poetry by Ireland’s poet and playwright, Gabriel Rosenstock. Tanka is a Japanese short poem.

Artist Masood Hussain’s poster suggesting people stay safe, indoors owing to the invisible virus.

The two Hussain and Rosenstock have been friends. They did a joint book Walk With Gandhi last year. The book was drawn by Hussain as Rosenstock wrote the haiku n it. Also a Japanese genre of poetry, it involves the only three phrases, typically characterized by three qualities. “That book was done by two of us and the medium was the internet,” Hussain said. “That is why I am saying the high-speed internet is not a luxury but a basic requirement.”

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