Coronavirus: NC seeks appropriate quarantine facilities across J&K


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday sought appropriate quarantine facilities across Jammu and Kashmir following the COVID-19 threat urging the concerned agencies to strictly abide by the Covid-19 protocol.

While expressing concern over having quarantine facilities for COVID-19 suspects in crammed neighborhoods Party’s additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal said that the measure will put scores of lives in peril. “I have been receiving distress calls from people across the valley in particular from Tangmarg, where quarantine facilities have been kept in tourism huts. The locals are apprehensive about having such facilities in their immediate neighborhoods. On other hand we have families whose kith and kin are putting up in quarantine facilities ruing the appalling facilities being provided to them.”

Kamal said the quarantine facilities should be placed in the outskirts of urban/city conglomerates that should strictly abide by the guidelines for quarantine facilities COVID-19 issued by the government of India. “The facility ought to be located at suitable places across J&k; access to basic commodities, ambulances should be ensured. Special facilities for differently-abled people should be put in place in such centers. The functional requirements which include proper spacing, ventilation, communication facility, proper diet should also be in sync with the prescribed guidelines. The government to have social support resources and recreational facilities. Having people stay put in close rooms devoid of basic facilities is bound to tell upon their well being. The government is duty bound to come up with a brief as to where such facilitates have been setup, and what amenities are being provided at such centers,” he said adding, “ unfortunately we have been hearing that the quarantined people at various such centers are being treated as prisoners. I hope the realization dawns on administration about meeting the basic requirements of those undergoing quarantine.”

He also urged the government to give flip to the coordination between different agencies to ensure that the response against the threat takes places according to the protocol.

“Having people in quarantine facilities are not enough until their lodging, catering, laundry and related activities are not looked after. In addition to that the logistical support at quarantine facilities should include having medical equipment’s, thermal thermometers, BP machines, stethoscopes in place with trained medical staff to tackle with eventualities. The government should boost a terminal disinfection and decontamination procedures for washrooms, bathrooms,” he said.

While appreciating the hard work and sense of sacrifice of SMC ground staffers, health workers, doctors, and police, Kamal said the society is indebted to them.

“I salute the heroism of our doctors, ground staffers of SMC and police. They have done a tremendous work; it is now for the government to ensure that they don’t fall prey to the COVID-19 while discharging their duties fighting against the viral spread. Government should ensure that ground staffers, doctors are adequately provided with necessary protective apparels and other items,” he added.


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