Coronavirus: Places of worship closed in Srinagar


In view of the increased number of persons infected with coronavirus — now gone up to five — and in an effort to contain the spread of the infection in the district Magistrate Srinagar has ordered the closure of all places of worship in the district.

Major shrines and gurdwaras supported the decision of the administration and made the initiative in this regard.

Some of these closing gates in support of the call as soon as requested Thursday morning include – among others – the revered Hazratbal shrine, Naqshband shrine, Dastgeer Sahib shrine and Chattipadshahi gurdwara.

Concerned officers are on the ground reaching out across the district to ensure closure of all places of worship including all mosques and gurdwaras as well as temples and churches.

The DM has appealed to management committees of all places of worship and all residents of the district to cooperate with and support the administration in this decision taken for the greater good of the people in view of the prevailing health situation.

He has urged one and all to ensure strict implementation of the order until further notice. He said it a difficult decision but an unavoidable measure keeping in view the threat that this infection poses.


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