Coronavirus: Post offices across JK, Ladakh committed to provide financial, welfare services


Post offices across Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh UTs are leaving no stone unturned to provide their services to people to fulfil their financial, healthcare and welfare needs in the challenging times when coronavirus pandemic has disrupted normal life.

Door Step Pension Payment by Post Offices

In this regard, post offices are operating with the primary objective of facilitating financial transactions- easy withdrawals and deposits of funds so that the people can have sufficient cash flow to fulfil their day to day requirements.

Aadhaar enabled Payment System (AePS) has also been enabled at the post offices so that the people having a bank account with any bank can withdraw upto Rs 10000/- per month from any Post office.

To achieve the objective of social distancing and to prevent crowding at the post offices steps have been taken to ensure doorstep delivery of pension to the elderly pensioners. Similarly, Post offices have initiated a doorstep pension payment under which various welfare pensions are being delivered at the doorstep of the pensioners. Door Step Pension Payment facilities have been already started at places like at Baramulla and Bani.

Special mail arrangements have also been made to ensure smooth transmission of priority mail such as Speed Post, Registered Post etc. to the far-flung and border areas of JK and Ladakh UTs. Window delivery of priority mail has also been ensured at the Post offices.

With regard to its social obligation, Post offices are providing relief and succour to the weaker section of the society. In close coordination with local administration, efforts are being made to distribute cooked food, dry ration and safety gears such as masks, sanitizers and soap to the public. Departmental mail motor vehicles have also been placed at the disposal of district/ municipal authorities to provide logistics support in the distribution of food and other items, medicines etc. Sanitization of Post office premises has also been undertaken in coordination with municipal authorities.


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