Coronavirus: PSAJK issues advisory to schools


Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has called on all private schools to take all necessary precautions and preventive measures in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic around the world.

The Association said that schools have been asked to ensure that all protocols are followed to prevent any spread of such disease in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This region has remained immune to the deadly disease but that shouldn’t make us any complacent. We have asked schools to take all possible measures and also use this coronavirus scare to educate students to understand the importance of cleanliness,” said Var.

“We have asked the schools to restrict morning assemblies to bare minimum time or simply cancel it for the time being. Second, all unnecessary examinations need to be deferred, third every school has to remain in touch with the local hospital or a doctor to know the preventive measures and contact them immediately in case of need arises. Fourthly teachers will keep an eye on each and every student for any flu-like symptoms. All teachers have also been asked to thoroughly go through the do’s and don’t of this disease and make every student follow the rules strictly,” he said.

The schools have also been asked to take extra efforts in ensuring 100 percent cleanliness in classrooms and school buses and vans.

Meanwhile, the Association has strongly criticised the government for holding National Winter Games in Kashmir at this juncture. “This is a time of crisis all around the world. Major tournaments and games have been postponed globally. But in Kashmir, it is the opposite. We fail to wonder why the government wants to go ahead with Winter games in Gulmarg in which more than 800 players and probably thousands of spectators from the entire country and outside the country will be coming. All will be huddled in a small place with snow and cold temperature everywhere and imagine what will happen if anybody has any symptoms of this viral disease,” said Var. “Everybody knows that the virus grows wildly in cold temperature and God forbid if somebody with coronavirus enters Kashmir, it will be a disaster in the making.”

The Association called on the government to postpone the games for the time being. “The government is putting the lives of millions of residents and vulnerable section of the society like old and children, at risk. We already have a weak health infrastructure and any outbreak could play havoc with the life of people,” said Var.

“The government is talking of prevention and detection on one side and on the other hand, they are inviting risk. We want them to understand that health is more important than games. There will be enough time for such games in future but not this time.”


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