SRINAGAR: The first patient from the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir has returned home fully cured, reports from Ladakh said.

An elderly person, he had flown from a pilgrimage and reported ill. Reports said that he was admitted to the Sonam Norbu Hospital in Leh on February 28. In quick follow up, his village in the immediate periphery of the town was sealed off and quarantined fully. On April 16. he was discharged, fully recovered.

A small video clip shows the elderly person moving out towards the ambulance as the medical staff claps for his recovery.

Now the hospital is left with four patients, three of them from Leh and one from Kargil. The most latest of them tested positive on April 15. He is a health worker and picked the infection while treating the patients. A resident of Chushot Yokma village, she was deployed to interact with the patients during which she was infected. Her village is already in quarantine.

With this, the medical facilities in Ladakh have been able to treat successfully 14 Covid-19 cases so far. The region had a total of 18 positive cases so far.

On Monday, a student was tested positive. The authorities quickly collected almost 50 samples of his classmates and friends and sent them for testing.

Kashmir’s first Covid-19 patient, a lady from old city, has already recovered and discharged.

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