Coronavirus: Restore 4G internet, says PSAJK


The Private Schools’ Association Jammu and Kashmir on Monday expressed it’s deep anguish over the crippling blockade of high speed 4G mobile internet services which has put into suspension mode the initiative of google classroom teaching for students offered by private schools in valley presently under lockdown like several other parts of the country.

In a statement issued on Monday the President Kashmir Private School Association Jammu and  Kashmir (PSAJK) G N Var said as private schools show their readiness to shift to online lesson plans, they’re running into the limitations of our broadband networks.

He claimed that since broadband is out of reach for thousands who need it for online classes, Saying that students were deprived of the right to classroom teaching for seven long months due to unprecedented lock last year also, Var said classes exclusively online through apps and software like Zoom and Google Classroom is the only option for the schools till they reopen.

He said that high-speed internet facility at home is the only way to help students to learn remotely and demanded immediate restoration of 4G mobile internet services, adding that “students without broadband would be able to get online lessons with cellular mobile devices”. He urged the government to restore 4G mobile internet services immediately to help school systems with a large population of students who need to learn from home.


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