Coronavirus: Travel history suggests Bandipora patient caught infection in Chennai


Doctors at Government Medical College Hospital, Baramulla, have described the condition of Bandipora boy who was tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday as stable, saying he is responding well to the treatment given to him, reported The Tribune.

However, the doctors are now convinced that the boy, who studies in South India, contracted the infection in Chennai, at least this is what his travel history has pointed to, said the report.

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According to a report published by the newspaper The Tribune, the boy arrived from Delhi at Srinagar Airport on March 21. He was received by his father, a doctor himself, who took him to sub-district Hospital, Sopore, for a checkup on March 22 as the boy probably had developed symptoms. Not satisfied, the father then took him to the GMC, Baramulla, where his sample was collected on March 23, with the boy subsequently testing positive on Match 24.

“After suspecting him to be a case of Covid-19, we took the boy under hospital quarantine and collected his samples for testing,” The Tribune quoted Dr Masood, Medical Superintendent, GMC, Baramulla as saying.

He described the condition of the boy as “stable”, saying he is responding well to the “universal protocol” being followed in case of Covid positive patients. Sources revealed that the boy was being administered a “cocktail of anti-malarial and anti-HIV drugs” which have shown “encouraging results”.

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The travel history of the boy suggested that he had most probably caught the infection in Chennai.

As colleges and universities closed across the country, the boy decided to head back home, but during this journey, he also stayed for a few days with his friends in Noida.

“We have traced six close contacts of the boy, including where he stayed at Delhi. All of them are under quarantine now,” The Tribune quoted Dr Masood as having said.


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