Coronovirus: One Infected Patient Impacted 13 Medical Personnel, Sent To Quarantine

SRINAGAR: The patients, as well as the health official,s will have to exhibit basic ethics during interactions to halt the spread of the virus that has killed almost 20,000 people across the world so far. On Wednesday, at least 13 health workers were sent on mandatory quarantine after it was established that they had contact with one of the patients who tested positive.

Doctors on duty at Chest disease hospital which has converted as COVID hospital. KL Image: Special Arrangement

Those asked to stay in home quarantine include two doctors, four nurses, an X-ray technician, a CT technician, a man from ECG and another laboratory technician, besides, three other professionals. However, none of the medical staff has shown any signs so far. But the virus incubation period is 14 days so they have been advised to stay in isolation at home. The orders were issued by the SKIMS authorities late on Tuesday.

The contact took place during handling the patient when he was in high viral shedding stage. They were deployed in the emergency services of SKIMS Medical College Hospital (Bemina) when the patient with high fever, cough, running nose and a travel history to Andhra Pradesh. All the basic investigations of the patients, a resident of Srinagar, were carried out in the JVC hospital and he was later referred to SKIMS, Soura.

This is the worst side of the virus infection and that is the chain world is talking about right now. If the patients started infecting the medical staff at this rate, Kashmir’s hospitals will be depopulated soon. So it is important that the medical staff takes more precautions even with patients who come for consultations not directly linked to flu, vial or otherwise.


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