Corporal Punishment Continues In Valley Schools

KL Report


In clear disregard for Supreme Court directions banning corporal punishment to students, reports suggest some valley schools continue to violate the orders by continuing with the age old practice.

Complaints from different corners of Kashmir continue to pour in against teachers and management of schools for not paying any attention to the SC directions.

“My son was ruthlessly beaten by a teacher without any reason or provocation. His arm got fractured and he received several injuries on other parts of the body”, said Mohammad Afzal whose son is studying in one of the private institutions in city’s Bemina area. He said that he had registered an FIR against the teacher and school management ‘but justice is yet to be delivered’.

Another parent from South Kashmir expressed similar views. His 7 year old daughter refuses to go school after she was allegedly beaten by a teacher resulting in head injury. “She is afraid of teachers now. It seems she is still under shock”, said Ali Mohammad from Islamabad.

Social and educational activists have been raising voice against the archaic practice for long now and they believe the incidents of corporal punishment have come down drastically. “There were times when it was a norm but now it is a rarity which shows there has been huge progress”, said Suhail Ahmad, a social activist and researcher. “However, no we need to focus of certain pockets where the practice might still be on. More importantly, parents and teachers should come out in open, file complaints and get the erring teachers punished which will work as a deterrent”, he added.


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