RK Accuses Dir. Health Of Misbehavior

KL Report


Deputy Director General Radio Kashmir Aarif Bashir has accused Director Health Dr Saleem ur Rehman of misbehaviour. Meanwhile, Dr Saleem refuted all allegations and said Bashir is cooking things.

“Saleem ur Rehman made a phone call to Arif. He misbehaved with him (Arif) and said that he would go to Delhi to complain against him”, sources in RK told KNS.

“Media is an independent institution. It is voice of people. Every section of media plays its role in highlighting the fake drug scam and so is doing Radio Kashmir in the interest of people at large”, Arif told KNS.

When contacted, Director Health, Saleem ur Rehman, said, “These are baseless allegations. I made a call to him which was of 54 seconds duration. I asked him to include official version in the news they broadcast”. He said that after some time Aarif called him back and both had a conversation. “I didn’t threaten him in any way but I told him that I would approach Information and Broadcasting Ministry Manesh Tiwari  in Delhi as a legal recourse. I have great respect for media”, he said.

Meanwhile, President Doctors Association Nisarul Hassan has condemned the act of Director Health Services. “It is mere frustration on part of Director Health Services. His intentions seem that fake drug should be supplied continuously in Valley. Director Health should not be such an irresponsible person. We (Association) strongly condemn the act’, said Hassan.

While condemning the act, Editor Progromme Shaherbeen, Maqsood Ahmad said, “Irrespective of status and post of any officer or his influence, we (Media) will continue to disclose truth and facts before the people. It is our duty and we just perform it”.


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